About us

Our Schools

Our Mother Mary Schools organization is made up of three sections of schools namely:

Crèche, LDC and Nursery, Primary/Basic and the College. The three sections are in different location within one council development Area (CDA). The schools provide solid and sound education to children from all parts of Nigeria and beyond, from the age of 1 to 16years.

Our Mother Mary  Schools was founded on 21st September, 1998 (nursery And Primary) section. The college section was established on 20th September 2001.

Our History

One great thinker once remarked, ‘whatever one conceives and believes, one achieves’. And by divine providence the school eventually got duly completed in October 2000, after it had started full operation in the year 1998.

The founder of the school Mr Emmaneul Onoche Njokanma had the Nigerian child in mind before founding the school. To him there are not enough quality and focused private schools around Ejigbo, to  fully address the yearning of the school-child. With these at the back of his mind, he set out to put in place the edifice that is known today as OUR MOTHER MARY MONTESSORI SCHOOLS, (Crèche, LDC and Nursery) at 11 Caroline Odu Street, Ejigbo, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Later, the school name changed to Our MOTHER MARY SCHOOLS in 2008, the college section was established at No. 5 Kamoru Adeyemi Street, Ejigbo, Lagos State using a purposely built one- storey building structure.

Our Great Teachers


Our Mother Mary Schools has unreserved bent for hiring the best crop of teaching staff. We maintain an in-house training programme on the method called Nigerian Montessori Method in preschool classes since most of the teachers do not seem to understand its underlying principles.

The schools also keeps the service of a sound Montessori consultant, on language Arts, who offers expert opinions on sensitive educational issues which may affect the school or pupils and vice versa.

We also encourage our teachers to enroll for more external training and retaining – as the knowledge of students is directly proportional to their teachers.


We provide admission to children with special needs of learning disabilities (allowing for integration with Nursery, Basic and Junior classes).

We also participate in community development of the school’s immediate environment.


Our classes consist of not more than 20 children to every Teacher/Assistant Teacher.


  1. All staff has a minimum qualification of an NCE graduate teacher
  2. Some of our teaching staff are registered with the teachers’ registration council of Nigeria (TRCN).


The syllabus /scheme of work is basically in line with the 9-years Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) to ensure compliance with National Policy on Education


The school calendar is in accordance with the Lagos State Ministry of Educations’ Program. All public holidays are observed.


Our Mother Mary Schools offers a highly qualitative education to all children and students from one and a half years for Crèche/Nursery and five years for Primary school. Religious, ethnic, political or any other form of social discrimination has no place in our institution.


Prospective parents/guardians wishing to register their children/wards in the school must obtain a copy of the school’s prospectus together with appropriate registration forms from the Administrative /Head of Schools.


Interesting programme such as musical/cultural, science/Art exhibitions, excursions, debates, scouting and inter-house sports are organized for the student to promote a healthy and more balanced development of the children and students.


Various entertainment programs are lined up for the children e.g. end-of-term activities, end-of-year party, graduating ceremonies sporting activities, cultural displays etc. Regular sports and games are organized and pupils are encouraged to participate fully as a means of developing interests and nurturing the spirit of sportsmanship.


Our school fees are quite reasonable compared to the facilities provided. Fees is encouraged preferably to be paid in advance direct to the school Bank account, but where this is not possible, it must however be paid not later than the end of the first week into the new term.

Our goal is child education through personal attention to each child. This is carried out through-out the three basic sectors of learning: cognitive, affective and psychomotor.

As a private school (in rural area of Lagos State), our aim is to nuture the children to become all they can be; through quality all-round education, from crèche, nursery, basic, junior and to secoundary levels.

  • To provide affordable quality education
  • To provide opportunities for families to be active participants in the education of their children.

‘Love One Another’