Admission Procedure

Children between the ages of 1 up to 12 years of age can be admitted into any one of the classes which exist at our Mother Mary Schools admission is always on all through the year. To avoid any confusion, the ‘class-and-Age chart’ is hereby given:

Pre-LDC (CRECHE)          1year – 11/2 years
LDC 1 (Kindergarten)      11/2 years to 21/2 years
LDC 2 (Kindergarten)      21/2 years  to 31/2 years
Nursery 1                           31/2 years  to 41/2 years
Nursery 2                           41/2 years  to 51/2 years

PRIMARY 1 -5 From                     51/2 years  upwards:
Junior Secondary   1-3    From 10years to 13years
Senior  Secondary 1-3 From 14years – 16years.

The Class-and-Age chart above does not give your child automatic admission. What this means is that ‘test of intelligence’, will be administered, and after that, the class-and –Age chart may be consulted. A child’s chronological Age (CA) may not be at par with his Mental Age (MA), i.e after a thorough review. And the decision of the school on the class suited to a child is usually final. High Standard is our own watch word, no mother what it cost us.

Please note that the abbreviation ‘LDC’ stands for Language Development Class. We do not use terms like: playgroup, reception, etc. These labels do not help our philosophy of education. Learning starts even from conception and continues from birth.